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When we talk about the best online casinos currently operating on the internet, we just have to mention 918Kiss. 918Kiss is the most trusted and reliable online casino not only in Malaysia, but also in other countries such as Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. 918Kiss is previously known as SCR888, due to a large reformation and rebranding process, the online casino has changed to its current name. Today, 918Kiss is an online casino that is dedicated to bringing you tons of exclusive entertainment content on the internet. The package that comes with 918Kiss offers a wide variety of games ranging from fishing games and slot games to a great number of other unique live table experiences. You can choose to play Poker, Baccarat, Roulette among countless others when you are at 918Kiss. The quality of the games at 918Kiss is guaranteed to be good, just take a look at the online software providers that are currently backing the casino up. Some examples of the game providers involved in supplying 918Kiss’ wide selection of games include Mega888, Play8oy, Pussy888, Rollex11, Sky777, ACE333 and Triple A (AAA).


918Kiss is the most trusted and reliable online casino in the market, we have been receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from all of our players. Fans have been singing praise about both the quantity and quality of the games, and our ability to strike a balance between two the two positive every reliable online casino should have. In the online casino world, we are not only following international standards, but serving as a benchmark ourselves as well for other future online casinos to follow. We are the textbook example for a trustworthy online casino, sparing no expenses in polishing, optimizing and enhancing our casino design, appeal, service, and most importantly, security. To us at 918Kiss, casino security is the most significant aspect, since, if not done well enough, our casino patrons would be potentially harmed. At 918Kiss, you can rest assured knowing that any form of breach of information, privacy or identity of our customers is unheard of, and we plan to keep it that way. Our security team is always on the move and moderating the site, looking out for any suspicious activity. 918Kiss is as safe as any other famous land based casino around the globe.

If you are a casual gamer, 918Kiss has a wide selection of relaxing games for you to enjoy. These games are very easy to play and simple to learn, it is the perfect solution to help you wind down after a hard day’s work or pass the time on a lazy afternoon. If you are a hardcore gamer, 918Kiss has the right games for you as well, and they come in an impressive variety. Here, you can find the challenge in gaming that you are always looking for, some of our games have a skill ceiling so high you would need to play like a real pro in order to truly excel at it. Come try out our thrilling fishing games to see for yourself! The point is, we have games available to play for just about anybody. It does not matter what your preferences in gaming are, or that you are just here for the prizes we offer, if you are looking for it, we have it. All you need to do is give us a chance and check out our catalogue to see for yourself!

So the simple answer here is, yes, you SHOULD definitely check us out.


There are two methods in which you can choose to create your 918kiss account. The first method is by visiting the 918kiss official website and then clicking REGISTER. From there, simply follow the instructions stated on screen and fill in your details accordingly. It is extremely important that you use your real information so to avoid identity theft and scammers, if you do not comply to this rule, you are at risk of potentially being banned from the online casino indefinitely. Do not worry, your information is safe with us, we have a reputation to keep, after all.

The second method to creating your account is by downloading the 918kiss application. 918kiss is an online casino that can be accessed on both desktop and mobile phone. The 918kiss mobile site comes in the form of an app. You can find us on any app store, or by visiting our download site. In the app, you can click on REGISTER just like how you would do at our official website, from there on, the steps are the same.


The games provided at 918Kiss are endless, it is virtually impossible for players to run out of games to play as the site is constantly updated to keep the new games coming. At 918Kiss, we want to make sure out patrons always have entertainment to go for and not a second goes by that they feel bored while hanging out with us. We believe this ensures customer satisfaction, and the reviews that we have been receiving on the internet certainly affirm our belief. Some great examples of all the top of the shelf games we provide on our site include:

The most prominent online software providers are all on our site, this is one of our biggest strengths as an online casino. The games that these online software providers release on our site have no problem making it into the featured game of the month in the online casino world. Our partners have the ability to make wonderful game creation seem effortless, and we respect them for that. Some games provided by partners on our site include 5 fortune, a chinese themed slot game, Da Sheng Nao Hai, one of the top ranking fishing games out there, 7 Crazy, a simple yet effective numbered slot game, African Wildlife which is just as implied by the name, an animal themed slot game, and Aladdin Wishes, a slot game inspired by the 1001 tales of the arabbian nights.

We also specialize in the mobile gaming experience and consider ourselves to be experts on the subject. All of our games are so incredibly optimized on the mobile platform that it constantly amazes our fans. Our popular mobile slot games include polar adventure, a slot game set in the Arctic Circle, Ocean King, one of, if not, the best fishing game that is currently available in the market and also one of our favorite games to play as well, and Mystic China, a chinese based slot game based on the cultural artifacts of China.

Besides that, we also provide chinese oriented games for all of our chinese patrons. Some games that are provided by our partners are in the chinese language, but that does not mean that their quality is any lesser than all the other famous online software providers out there in the industry. Our favorite chinese game to play is definitely Fishing Joy, a one of a kind fishing game that is somewhat more cartoonish than the other ones available at our site, but also poses a larger challenge for the more hardcore gamers out there.

Last but not least, more and more people are catching up to our reputation of providing some of the highest quality and most visually appealing adult slot games through word of mouth, and the adult only games that are available on our site certainly precedes our reputation. With great online software providers backing us up, we can guarantee a satisfying experience for all gamers out there. We would recommend players check out You Will Get More and More Hard and Demon Girl.


The simple answer here is, every device. Yes, it does not matter if you prefer to play games on your laptop, your desktop, your mobile phone, tablet or even on your smart tv for that matter. The internet of things is truly magical, and we pride ourselves for being able to optimize our software on just about any electronic device out there that is capable of connecting to the internet.


The 918kiss app is available on both Apple and Google Play Store, it should be the first result to show up when you search for it. However, if you find that you are region locked from accessing the app from the play stores due to certain gambling laws and restrictions, then we would recommend players download the apk file of the 918Kiss app here on our site. We must remind you to make sure what operating system that your device is using before choosing a download link to download, or else the installation process will not succeed.


First of all, you should make sure you have the apk file of the 918Kiss app on your phone, if not, you can transfer the file from your PC to your phone via wire transfer. The installation process can only begin when your mobile phone is prompted to trust the app developers. To do this, go to SETTINGS, then go to GENERAL SETTINGS. There, you will find DEVICE MANAGEMENT, which inside you will see the name ‘ALL CONTINENTAL TRADINGS SDN BHD’. Click it and then click TRUST. The installation process should begin immediately after you select ‘Trust’, the process will not take more than 5 minutes.


A hundred times yes to this one because we have actually poured in a lot of money and effort into perfecting the security systems of our site. Two factor authentication and 128-bit encryption are one of the few significant safety measures that we take to ensure that customer information and privacy are always safe with us. Until today, breach of information or privacy is still unheard of when it comes to 918Kiss, this way, our patrons can play games without having a single hint of concern in their minds, knowing that we are doing everything we can to protect them from harm. If you have any trouble logging into your account, or you have any complaints or problems, the 918kiss customer service team is always available to help. Our customer service hotline is on standby 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that help is always on the way when needed.


The developers at 918kiss are constantly working tirelessly all year round to polish and improve the online casino. Because of this, you might notice that the 918Kiss site will go through maintenance every now and then, this helps to keep the 918Kiss experience fresh and satisfying, it is to also ensure that all customer demands are always addressed through continuous change and evolution. The site maintenance ranges from a few minutes to a couple of hours, it is indefinite so all you as a player need to know is that we are working on it. Players must note that some temporary maintenance that the 918Kiss site will go through can come without notice, and that the market might sometimes temporarily close in some countries. We urge players to stay patient during these times of inconvenience.


You will need to seek out an agent from 918Kiss to register for a dedicated account.


Yes, you can, and it is incredibly easy. First off, everyone is qualified to be a 918Kiss agent,you do not need special training or education. What matters most is that you are committed to your job and promoting the online casino. The job has no special requirements, it only needs a strong capital. To become an agent yourself, you will need to seek out the closest 918Kiss agent and apply to be a proxy user kiosk. For more details, visit the CONTACT US tab on the 918Kiss website to contact customer service, or, you can join a live chat session to talk with a professional immediately.

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